ILR for Spouses

ILR – Spouse Visa UK

Indefinite Leave to Remain for Spouse Visa UK

Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement) is the first goal of all immigrants which makes them free of all sorts of immigration control, work or study restrictions, residence restrictions, and also entitles them to take public funds. Here we will discuss about applying for ILR on the basis of having completed the required time period and compliance with the relevant immigration rules.


Spouse Visa UK – Procedure From Spouse visa to Settlement

If you have a spouse visa and have completed 2 or 5 years of residence in the UK (subject to the date of your initial application i.e. before or after 09th of July 2012), you can make your ILR application.

The applicants need to provide evidences that he / she continues to meet the suitability / eligibility criteria and also fulfil other requirements. There are several requirements that need to be met to qualify for this visa and even a minor mistake or absence of a necessary document may result in the refusal of the application.


After How long can you apply for settlement?

 1) Time frame for Applications Prior to 09th July 2012

The applicant will need to reside in the UK for at least 2 years which start from the date when he / she first entered the UK or first granted leave to remain. They can however make their applications 28 days before completing their 2 years in the UK. This is the case for those who entered the UK or given leave on the basis of rules in place before 09th of July 2012.

2) Time frame for Applications after 09th July 2012

For those, who obtained leave on the basis of rules in place on or after 09th of July 2012, they need to complete 5 years of residence and also fulfil all the criteria given regarding suitability, eligibility, financial requirements and other more stringent rules.

Requirements of Spouse Visa Application

The applicants need to meet the Suitability and Eligibility requirements in addition to the financial requirements unless the sponsor is exempt.

Financial Requirements for Spouse Visa Applications

  1. The applicant and his / her sponsor must provide evidence of having earned at least £18,600 in the last 12 months plus an additional £3800 for the first child and an additional £2400 for each additional child (if children are also applying to come with the applicant). This amount can be earned through employment / self employment of the partner in the UK or through one of the following specified sources of incomes.
  2. They may also use their savings that have been maintained for over 6 months` period. The first £16000 of savings are not counted while the rest of the balance needs to be divided by 2.5 to come up with a figure that can be used towards fulfilling the requirement of £18,600.

They may also use their specified pension income.

They may also make use of maternity allowance or bereavement income received by the partner of the applicant, in the UK.

Other specified income of the applicant or his / her partner.

Exemption from Financial requirements in Spouse Visa Application ?

If the applicant’s partner is in receipt of one or more of the following:

– Disability Living Allowance

– Severe Disablement Allowance

– Industrial Injury Disablement Benefit

– Attendance Allowance

– Carer`s Allowance

– Personal Independence Payment

Then the applicant does not need to provide any specific level of earnings and will need to provide evidences of having adequate funds for the maintenance and accommodation without recourse to public funds.

In addition the funds for maintenance, the applicants partner also needs to provide evidence confirming that there is adequate accommodation available for the applicant’s residence.

English Language Requirements:

Unless, exempt due to being over 65 years of age, disability (physical or mental or other exceptional circumstances, the applicant also needs to provide evidence that he either:

– Has passed an approved English language test at A1 level

– Is a national of one of the specified English speaking countries

– Has passed Bachelors or Masters or PHD degree which was taught in English.

Absences from the UK

The maximum number of absences allowed is 3 months in a year. Any periods of longer absences need to be properly explained.

The applicants are not allowed to add time spent on one any immigration categories.

ILR Same Day Services

We can arrange for same day service for this application and represent our clients in getting their ILR expeditiously, by making sure that all requirements are met and making appropriate representations.

ILR Super Premium Service

 We can also arrange for super premium service for this application where the Home office team comes to our office to capture biometric details of the applicants and the application is then decided within 24 hours.


How our Immigration Solicitors can help you to apply for ILR after completing the relevant period of your UK Spouse Visa?


Our team of UK Immigration Lawyers can expeditiously deal with the applications for ILR for spouses. The Spouse visa application forms FLR M and SET M are quite complex and it is extremely important to provide all the relevant information and documents with the application to avoid unnecessary delay in the processing time for the said applications.

Mr Intisar Chauhan, Principal Solicitor at Chauhan Solicitors, is an expert Immigration Solicitor in London who has been dealing with UK Immigration Laws since 2003. Immigration Lawyers at Chauhan Solicitors shall provide you with best possible Immigration advice / consultation and accordingly shall prepare your ILR application under direct supervision of Mr Chauhan. After consultation, if you want us to start preparing your case, you can expect the followings from our Immigration lawyers;

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–  Our Immigration Lawyers shall discuss your application for ILR on spouse visa basis and advise you on the required documents and procedure.

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–  We shall never surprise you with hidden charges/fees.


At Chauhan Solicitors, we offer our expertise of advising and representing our clients in making their ILR Applications. We are just a phone call or an email away and are available at 0203 514 2536 or and once in contact, be assured that you are in safe hands.