COVID 0 19 – Immigration Update (18 April 2020)

Our Offices: Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have stopped taking office appointments but are continuing working online and are available on our phone 02035142536 and email( In an emergency we can be contacted on 07817897184.

Covid -19 – Visa Applications inside the UK

You can continue making visa application from inside the UK by completing the online application forms and paying the fee. The biometric enrolment centres all over the UK are however closed and you would not be able to book appointment for biometrics. However we shall keep an eye on it when they open and book the appointment for biometrics for our valued clients.

Covid -19 – Visa Applications from Outside the UK

All the visa applications centres are closed and are not taking any new applications till further notice.

Covid -19 – Visitors:

Visitors visiting the UK who have been unable to return to their home countries due to the corona virus and lock down within the UK are required to complete an online form that would extend their legal stay till 31st of May 2020. No one would be penalized for overstaying in the UK, provided they have completed the online form available at Home office website.

Covid -19 – English Language Tests 

Trinity College has suspended all the English language tests(SELT) at present but are taking bookings for tests on or after 18th of May 2020. This is however subject to review and the lockdown situation.

Covid -19 – Life in the UK: 

Life in the UK test bookings are also on hold at the moment till 30th of April 2020. Though the availability of tests are presently shown from 01st of May 2020, it is too subject to review and the lockdown situation.

Covid -19 – Financial Requirements for Spouse Visa extension or ILR applications: 

Though the Government is supporting jobs and businesses through Job Retention Scheme and other financial support packages but there will still be cases, in which the Spouse visa applicant or their spouses would struggle to meet the financial requirement of the Spouse visa extension or Spouse ILR application. There is however no concessionary policy announced in this regard yet.

We are taking instructions for making visa extension applications and switching visa applications as this will allow the applicants to lock the date of the application and making use of the documents and information available on the date of application. For example, for spouse visa extensions, the date of application is quite important as that determines the date of the documents required to meet financial requirements. Since the lockdown, most of the employees have been furloughed and the companies or self-employed people are longer in business which is affecting the earnings and income, it is advisable to make the spouse visa application to lock the date.

Covid -19 – Absences from the UK for migrants stuck outside the UK: 

There are travel restrictions in a large number of countries now and thousands of people are stuck where they came to visit, that includes quite a few number of UK migrants who went back home for holidays and are now unable to return to the UK. They are worried about the delay in returning back to the UK would add up in their number of absences from the UK and that would add difficulty in their Indefinite leave to remain applications. It is quite likely for such absences from the UK to be ignored whilst considering any visa or nationality applications that those would make in the future. However nothing of that sort has been announced yet.

Covid -19 – Tier 1 Entrepreneurs: 

Due to the Corona Virus, Tier 1 Entrepreneurs are no longer required to have two jobs which ran continuously for 12 months. Tier 1 Entrepreneurs can rely on short term employments making 2 jobs for 12 months. The period when the employees have been furloughed would NOT be taken into account.

Tier 1 Entrepreneurs may also apply for extension of leave to remain if due to the corona virus they have been unable to create two jobs for 12 months each.

Covid -19 – Switching Visas: 

Due to the Corona Virus, the applicants may apply for switch visas to those immigration categories in which generally entry clearance is mandatory. This option is available till 31st of May 2020.

Covid -19 – NHS Workers: 

The Home Office has announced that around 2,800 doctors, nurses and paramedics and their family members with their visas expiring by 01st of October 2020 would get a free one-year extension. They would not need to make an application or pay any fees. Their employers will be informed by the home office about their visa extensions.

Covid -19 – Immigration Appeals

All the immigration appeals have been adjourned with new directions being sent out by the Asylum and Immigration Tribunals. Some of them would be converted to Case Management hearings to be done over Skype or telephone and some of those would be rescheduled for a later date.

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